Rants & Drinks w/ Trac & Bryan

Oct 11, 2022 : S1E11
Trac and Bryan keep short and to the point! Continuous Delivery is more than tools, it's a mindset. "What we want you to know is that you need to leverage the concepts of minimum CD to drive your …
Trac Bannon and Bryan Finster invited Courtney Kissler to be the designated driver for a conversation on transformation driven by focusing on problem-solving and always "staying one chapter ahead."
Aug 31, 2022 : S1E9
Dave Farley, co-author of Continuous Delivery, joins Bryan and Trac as they navigate Dave's journey to CD, the importance of solving business problems, how software engineering addresses the toughest …
Aug 9, 2022 : S1E8
What do you do when someone says they just want to build and don`t care about the problem space? Want to catch Bryan`s ire? No better way than to not be concerned with solving problems!
Jun 30, 2022 : S1E7
In this episode, Bryan and Vilas Veeraraghaven discuss their perspectives and the challenges they`ve seen with building effective and scalable delivery platforms.
No guests just pure debate on Trac`s distain for "Emergent architecture". Find out the difference between emergent and evolutionary architecture how to determine the right fit for each?
Bryan and Trac brought in a new punching bag, Vilas Veeraraghaven to challenge each other on where autonomy starts and stops in an organization. If you have questions or topics, shoot us an email @ …
Apr 5, 2022 : S1E4
Tom Sweet joins the mix discussing the ins and outs of using metrics and measurements and why they should never be weaponized.
Mar 2, 2022 : S1E3
Bryan and Trac grab a libation face off on why culture matters.
Bryan and Trac grab a libation and discuss how to construct a delivery team including a hardy debate on specialists. Should they be a part or carved off?
Nov 10, 2021 : S1E1
Trac & Bryan belly up to the virtual bar to debate Code Coverage.