Rants & Drinks w/ Trac & Bryan

S1E9: The One with Dave Farley!
Dave Farley, co-author of Continuous Delivery, joins Bryan and Trac as they navigate Dave's journey to CD, the importance of solving business problems, how software engineering addresses the toughest challenges and why, oh why, Dave is churning out world class content at breakneck speed!
S1E8: Why Domain Matters!!
What do you do when someone says they just want to build and don`t care about the problem space? Want to catch Bryan`s ire? No better way than to not be concerned with solving problems!
S1E7: Building Scalable Platforms
In this episode, Bryan and Vilas Veeraraghaven discuss their perspectives and the challenges they`ve seen with building effective and scalable delivery platforms.
S1E6: Emergent versus Evolutionary Architecture
No guests just pure debate on Trac`s distain for "Emergent architecture". Find out the difference between emergent and evolutionary architecture how to determine the right fit for each?
S1E5: Autonomy, it ain`t what you think!
Bryan and Trac brought in a new punching bag, Vilas Veeraraghaven to challenge each other on where autonomy starts and stops in an organization. If you have questions or topics, shoot us an email @
S1E4: Metrics and Measures
Tom Sweet joins the mix discussing the ins and outs of using metrics and measurements and why they should never be weaponized.
S1E3: Culture or Kul-chaaa?
Bryan and Trac grab a libation face off on why culture matters.
S1E2: Delivery Team Roles (specialists or not?)
Bryan and Trac grab a libation and discuss how to construct a delivery team including a hardy debate on specialists. Should they be a part or carved off?
S1E1: SADMF and Code Coverage
Trac & Bryan belly up to the virtual bar to debate Code Coverage.