Curriculum Vitae
Bryan Finster
Rogers, AR 72756
Distinguished Engineer
2021 - Present

Value Stream Architect for US Air Force Platform One

  • Advised Platform One military and civilian leadership on improvements to allow Platform One to scale their services to the needs of the Department of Defense.
  • Collaborated with the DoD Office of the CIO, USAF Office of the CSO, and other service offices to develop a strategy for collecting relevant development metrics from all services for reporting to Congress.
  • Developed an open source solution for providing flow metrics, delivery metrics, and related self-service training to all levels of any organization using the Big Bang platform provided by Platform One.
  • Introduced Objectives and Key Results to Platform One to help with mission alignment.
Senior Value Stream Architect
Walmart : DevOps Dojo
2018 - 2021

Founded Walmart's DevOps Dojo as a delivery platform service to scale engineering excellence across the enterprise using continuous delivery.

  • Worked with other Fortune 100 enterprises to share good practices for helping teams improve outcomes.
  • Developed a strategy for certifying Value Stream Architects to create a federated approach to scaling the Dojo's impact across 1800+ development teams.
  • Led the creation of a knowledge base of playboos for common issues teams faced with verified solutions for those challenges to help teams self-improve. I then worked with Walmart leadership to open source the material to help the broader industry.
  • Led the development of a tool to use team delivery metrics to suggest areas of improvement and to guide teams to the appropriate playbooks.
  • Collaborated with senior vice presidents across the enterprise to help them establish dedicated improvement strategies in their verticals.
  • Led an initiative to align senior engineers across the enterprise to establish a standard glossary of testing patterns with recommended approaches to help spread good testing practices.
  • Led global initiatives to establish recommendations for metrics to help leadership both request useful metrics as well as have the knowledge to prevent using metrics in ways that hurt our enterprise improvement goals.
  • Collaborated with other delivery platform leads to use feedback from the Dojo to inform needed changes in the global platform to help encourage desired behaviors with the platform automation.
  • Collaborated ith corporate training and the CD Community of Pratice to develop and execute a 5-day training class to provide an overview of DevOps and Continuos Delivery.
Technical Product Owner
Walmart : Delivery Enablement
2017 - 2018

Responsible for leading product development for the global collection, aggregation, visualization, and gamification of delivery metrics for the enterprise.

  • Worked with product teams to refine our usage of gamified delivery metrics to encourage desired behaviors for trunk-based development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery while avoiding the creation of perverse incentives.
  • Led the design of metrics aggregation to show summaries for SVP and CTO consumption to track our global delivery improvement goals.
Application Architect
Walmart : Logistics Systems Design
2014 - 2017

Member of the Logistics architecture team responsible for designing Walmart's modernized warehouse managemet system.

  • Helped design the changes in system architecture, team architecture, and engineering practices required to move from quarterly to daily delivery of Walmart's NextGen Global Logistics System. This resulted in the establishment of teams aligned to business capabilities that could deliver changes independently in any sequence.
  • Joined the Logistics Receiving team to pilot continuous delivery engineering practices. This uncovered better methods for working with business partners, refining work, testing, and hardening contracts between teams. These were then used to help other teams inside and outside of Logistics. These changes lead to the Receiving team improving from 1 delivery per quarter to as many as 12 deliveries per day and the ability to deliver new features to the pilot distribution center in less than one day with higher quality.
Systems Architect
Walmart : Logistics Systems Source Management
2013 - 2014

Responsible for integrating over 400 feature branches for the quarterly release of Walmart's global warehouse management system with the mandate to develop better processes that would make the team unnecessary.

  • Automated the creation of branches and build configurations for over 800 applications. This rediced the effort to create a feature branch of the system from 4 person-days to 90 minutes and made the effort self-service rather than a support request.
  • Changed the role of the team from code integration to creating the ability for teams to integrate their own code.
  • Introduced the concepts of continuous integration and trunk based development. This allowed the area to reduce the number of long-lived branches from several hundred to 2. This plus the addition of the other improvements enabled us to disband the team.
Systems Analyst
Walmart : Global eCommerce Project
2011 - 2013

Led one of the teams implementing changes to enable eCommerce order filling without the need to build facilities specifically for eCommerce.

  • Allowed Walmart to meet the needs of online sales without building additional facilities.
Systems Analyst
Walmart : Global WMS Project
2006 - 2011

One of four leads responsible for working with several hundred contractors to merge four different warehouse management systems into a single Global Logistics System.

  • Responsible for providing knowledge transfer, reviewing statements of work, and recommending the contracting vendor selected for the GLS project.
  • Responsible for creating development standards, reviewing and approving designs, mapping data models to a common model.
  • This enabled the replacement of four systems with a single system to reduce the effort to deploy new capabilities globally.
Sr. Programmer Analyst
Walmart : International Grocery Distribution Systems
2001 - 2006

Technical lead for the team responsible for delivering warehouse management solutions to Walmart's grocery distribution centers in the UK, Mexico, and Japan.

  • Implemented voice order filling for ASDA Stores in the UK. This enabled faster, more accurate order filling and the decomisssioning of label-based order filling for 30+ distribution centers.
  • Implemented the first application logging and source formatting solutions for the system. This enabled faster issue resolution, application performance monitoring, and reduced code complexity.
  • Implemented automated version leveling to ensure 30+ international distribution centers were running the same versions of over 700 applications that made up the warehouse management system.
Senior Programmer
EXE Technologies, inc. : Customer Customizations
1996 - 2001

Technical lead and full stack engineer responsible for customer modifications to EXE's warehouse management system.

DevOps Track Organizer
Northwest Arkansas Tech Summit
2020-09-15 - Present

Responsible for selecting content for the DevOps and Business Agility tracks

2021-01-01 - Present

2021-10-15 - Present

Community project to establish a set of minimum capabilities that define continuous delivery in every delivery context.

  • Nearly 30 global contributors including the author of Continuous Delivery, Dve Farley
  • Over 100 stars on GitHub
  • Repeated feedback that people are using this project to inform their improvement efforts.
2018-05-01 - Present

Community project to share good practices developed in the enterprise dojos

  • Open sourced Walmart playbooks to the consortium to help the community.

Short articles on improving teamwork, testing, workflow, leadership, metrics, and everything else in the value stream.


Online video training series on DevSecOps principles and practices


A deeper look into popular metrics used for measuring software delivery, how they are being used destructively, and how to improve how we measure delivery.

Contributed a chapter on secure DevOps principles

A holistic strategy for improving delivery performance at enterprise scale


System and method for order processing using customer location information

UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education
Engineering the Digital Transformation
  • Development

    JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Express, SQL, MongoDB, Git, SVN, C, Java, Informix 4GL, InformixDB

  • Product Ownership

    Discovery, Planning, User research

  • Value Stream Architecture

    Value stream analysis, Organization design, Delivery pipeline quality gate design, Testing strategies