An experienced DevOps practitioner, speaker, and evangelist, product owner, technical coach, architect, team leader, and full-stack software engineer. With over two decades of experience developing solutions for large enterprises, I have a proven record for building product teams and delivering solutions that allow enterprises to improve organizational outcomes at scale.


Walmart Technology - Architect, Product Owner

Feb, 2018 - Current

Founded the Walmart DevOps Dojo. Responsible for defining the techniques for helping product teams worldwide learn the principles and practices of continuous delivery and working with executive leadership to coordinate efforts. Develop training and presentations to help teams with every aspect of delivery, from idea to production. Work with Platform leadership to inform changes to the platform to reinforce good practices, improve security and compliance, and enhance the developer experience.



I was challenged to find effective ways to improve software delivery processes for nearly 2000 development teams worldwide with a small team of passionate Sr. developers. I developed a strategy that combined platform delivery metrics, direct team engagement using immersive learning techniques, and standardized self-guided playbooks based on the lessons learned from the engagements. This combination allowed us to indirectly help many more teams by showing them how to measure improvement and provide easy to consume information on how to improve multiple aspects of delivery. Teams we worked with directly typically doubled their throughput, improved quality, and reduced team stress and toil.


To help more teams in self-improvement, we needed a way to both encourage teams to measurably improve and to give them the information for their next improvement step that they may not even know they needed. We built an application that combined platform delivery metrics with a short "ways of working" survey. Using that data, we were able to add gamification to encourage the desire to improve and direct them to the information for how to improve on items they would not have known how to search for. This "Coaching as a Service" tool became an invaluable reverse search engine and was very well received by the teams.


To further scale our efforts without incurring the overhead of a large increase in Dojo team size, we needed a process to teach our techniques to other engineering leads in every line of business. We also needed to make sure that the quality for the improvement projects was maintained to our standrds. I developed a strategy of self-certifying practitioners. Level 1 for thouse who pass a certification test that they have knowledge of the core concepts required for improving the flow of delivery, from idea to production. Level 2 for those who demonstrate through an improvement project that they have the leadership and technical ability to help a team improve delivery outcomes. Level 3 for those who demonstrate the ability to grow more leaders. This resulted in horizontal scaling of flow improvement as a capability and made those helping teams change excited that they finally understood how to use a scientific approach to improvement instead of trying to copy others.


Built and supported enterprise communities of interest to improve cross-organizational sharing of techniques for all aspects of development. This resulted in a horizontal scaling of knowledge and effectively grew the capabilities of the Dojo team.


Metrics were being used in wildly different ways in each org, sometimes destructively. Metrics are key to the success of any improvement effort and the lack of unity was an impediment to the Dojo`s goals. To mitigate this I formed a cross-organizational effort by bringing leaders from each area together to standardize the definitiations and usage of enterprise delivery metrics which resulted in a common approach to effectively measure efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainability of software delivery for the enterprise.


Testing and test architecture is core to the success to any improvement of delivery. Unfortunately, there are no industry common terms to define each pattern. I helped form a coalition of Sr. developers so we could define standard terms for testing patterns and good practices for how to use them. This enabled the scaling of testing knowledge and techniques globally.

Walmart Technology - Product Owner

Sep, 2017 - Feb, 2018

Product owner for Global Platform’s delivery metrics dashboard designed to meet Walmart’s goal of guiding teams to good continuous delivery practices.

Walmart Technology - Systems Architect

2014 - 2017

Responsible for exploring the techniques, and behaviors required to execute continuous delivery workflows using the developing Logistics CD platform.

Walmart Technology - Systems Architect

2013 - 2014

Responsible for integrating over 400 feature branches for the quarterly release of Walmart’s global warehouse management system with the mandate to develop better processes that would make the team unnecessary.

Walmart Technology - Systems Analyst

2011 - 2013

Led one of the teams implementing changes required to enable Walmart DC's to handle eCommerce order filling in addition to store order filling in the same facility. This allowed Walmart to reduce its warehouse footprint while increasing sales.

Walmart Technology - Systems Analyst

2006 - 2011

One of the 3 team leads on the a project to merge four different warehouse management systems into a single set of global capabilities with responsibility for recommending the contracting vendor and leading the sumsequent development.

Walmart Technology - Sr. Programmer Analyst

2001 - 2006

Technical lead for the team responsible for delivering warehouse management solutions to Walmart’s grocery distribution centers in the UK, Mexico, and Japan.



Implemented voice order filling for ASDA Stores in the UK. This enabled faster, more accurate order filling. It also allowed reading impaired associates to be promoted into more skilled positions.


Implemented the first application logging and source formatting solutions for the system. This enabled faster issue resolution, application performance monitoring, and reduced technical debt and was adopted by other teams.


Implemented automated version leveling to ensure all distribution centers were running the same versions of WMS applications.

EXE Technologies, inc. - Senior Programmer

1996 - 2001

Worked as a technical lead and full stack engineer on customer modifications to customize EXE’s warehouse management system to meet their supply chain needs.

Publications & Presentations

Short articles on improving teamwork, testing, workflow, leadership, metrics, and all other things DevOps


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Volunteer Organizations

Enterprise Dojo Consortium - Member

2018 - Current

A community of leaders from 50+ Fortune 500 companies and government agencies who collaborate on improving organizational outcomes.

Northwest Arkansas Tech Summit - DevOps track selection Committee member

2020 - Current

DevOps Online Summit - DevOps Patterns / Antipatterns track lead

2020 - Current

DevOps Institute - Ambassador

2020 - Current

DevOps Institute is dedicated to the mission of advocating and training better ways of working that improve business outcomes and the lives of those delivering them.



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DevOps 100


Nov, 2020

Top 100 people to follow in DevOps

US Patent 9015069


System and method for order processing using customer location information

US Patent Application 20170091800


Electronic coupon system