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Oct 21, 2022 : No Nonsense Agile Podcast
Join Murray Robinson and Shane Gibson in a conversation with Bryan Finster about Continuous Delivery and SAFe.
Bryan Finster returns to Tiny DevOps to explain the amazing benefits of Scaled Agile DevOps Maturity Framework (SAD MF), the silver bullet that you, and literally everyone else, should be using.
Mar 15, 2022 : The OWASP Podcast Series
"I absolutely hate SAFe!" That is Bryan Finster, Distinguished Engineer at Defense Unicorns out of Colorado Springs. I was scrolling through LinkedIn a couple days ago, saw a thread on SAFe, The …
May 1, 2021 : The Mob Mentality Show
Your experience of "DevOps" got you feeling down in the dumps? Does your "DevOps" seem like fractal-based development, continuous isolation, continuous deliberation, and eventual delivery? Well, you …
Apr 21, 2021 : Small Batches
Adam & Bryan Finster discuss the development workflows required for delivering to production daily with fast feedback and high confidence. Don't miss this one.
Jan 5, 2021 : Dev Interrupted
On our first episode of the new year we talk with Bryan Finster, author of 5-minute DevOps, about outcome-based development and why failing small is better than failing fast.